The Frugal Gourmet

For the first day of the New Year, I wanted to boil a fish head. Make simple fish stock. Isn’t it auspicious to begin the year with something from the sea. Where did this come from, no idea. Less auspicious is being a scavenger on January 1st in your own kitchen.

The frugal gourmet came up with the following:

– Brie on sliced rye bread, slowly warmed in 180 degree oven. Lingonberries jam strewn atop.

– Celery soup with creme fraiche, prepared with sauteed onion (of course) and sea salt and later pureed lazily right in the pot. Stirred in  fresh celery leaves, basil and mint.

– Baked apple, stuffed with gorgeous mixture of butter, pecans, ‘B’ Maple Syrup, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger. Yoghurt drizzled on top for the creamy affect.

Where’s the beef? What!? No meat!?

Well, Frances Moore Lappe was (sadly) incorrect. You do not need to eat all of your proteins in the same day. Besides, yesterday’s breakfast DID include Boar/Duck/Pork Pate.

I feel happy. These ingredients are a good start to the year – a reversal of the ABC’s from childhood. Simply accomplished, accidentally a pseudo-logical design. Is there a math equation to represent this meal? this year? Is there a template for life?

In honor of the celery. I will visit a celery farm this year.

Resolution made.

Many blessings,
ABC Frugal Gourmet


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