Lamb’s Quarters – 15 minute journey

While wondering the next stage for me ….

….I am learning how to want for myself. Do I practice (with love) how to transform what actually works better for me. Do I practice (how to receive) the nourishment from this story today. When do I detach and accept / observe/ watch, vs become someone who molds, shapes, and makes?

I stood and watched the waving leaves, documenting on my phone’s video your waving palms. Lamb’s Quarters, Amaranth, waving Lady who sees and eagerly calls to me!

She says,

….”Hello! There is no need to wonder! Be curious, yes! Curious to see what evolves. You aren’t responsible for the full story, you are responsible for your part in the story”

And since it is easy for me to swirl and yearn and spiral into the hundreds, no thousands, no millions of fantasy that I hold….magic begins to happen.

Lady Amaranth, our Lamb’s Quarter star ….. today takes me on a quiet journey.

Together we travelled through all of South and Central and North America. In an instant! Can you imagine. And it wasn’t exhausting at all. We saw so many feet and hands and pots – pots of clay to settle the leaves, to cook the vegetable, to store the seeds. Cozy containers that in time, we were greeted with mouths of hunger and slowly we nourished the people(s) who know its name – and of many tongues I knew for the moment (even though the language is different from my own). Each time I knew my name, the name of Lady Amaranth. Then we went back back, and there was a colder place with Vikings and boats. And back, back back, and it was Central Europe and very warm. And consistent were the leaves, the flower, the seeds.

Then Lady Amaranth said to me,

…”I move and my status changes over time. Sometimes I am Invasive, sometimes Native. Sometimes an alien species – a weed, a killer of desirables, pesty and no better than trash. Sometimes I am sustenance, food, loved, longed-for, wanted. Although a plant – known most often with animal names, goosefoot, pigweed, lamb’s quarters. It is all temporary these names and actually *not even me* yet belonging to me – like an attribute belonging to the thing, is still not the thing.

My response is to want a more fulsome and timely story

…Lady Amaranth, I need to help. There are people on this land that are hurting. We have a concept of “a border” and when someone moves from Mexico to the US there is often abuse – in law, civilization, sexual, emotional. Children are put in cages because we don’t know what to do! WHAT am I to do!?

Lady Amaranth was quiet. She slowly gave me a hug and sighed (which actually sounded like an amused laugh!). She teaches:

….”Oh, you are so easily fooled! Do you not see me here? Right now? I have been tossed and caged. I am here *now* and we / You and Me / are together. The story is not yet finished. There is more to be told. Do not think this ends right now, do not believe that ever in your lifetime. For humans it is a long time still. Mind you, not forever, but hundreds of generations, yet.”

I am overjoyed! OH, my heart sings!  My heart spiritually unfolds towards Lady Amaranth’s leaves (she is under 2 feet high) and she accepts my hug (this is plant-hugging). We are bonded. And although when I come home the news has not changed: still the current administration is wreaking havoc, the media is upset, the voters are upset, phone calls and memes are exchanged, I believe that this is just temporary. Just for now. There is a bigger story to be told, our hearts will plant-hug eventually and human beings will provide and live in homes together.

While I was rejoicing, there was a work crew outside on the sidewalk. Right where I met Lady Amaranth. They made big sounds. And all of the lamb’s quarters were mowed down. The tractor’s blade cut her stalks low and she is now gone.

I walked along the road the next day.

I walk the road today, and still I cannot be consoled.

I will walk the road tomorrow, too.


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