you are held

I, the Mother who sees and cries,
hold all my children from earth and sky,
you who were formed in the dark,
with purpose I know your heart,
you are meant to dance in day, and
you are never without me in night
I will hold you for all your stay.
I, the Father have heard you calling for me,
gave all the stars for your wonder and sight
For you I want the world, for all of you whom I have heard.
Fear not the unknown and what is out of sight,
your lodestar and heart will give you flight
All you now need is from me, and on the earth
play for you have joy from me.
I am your family already known,
together in swirls we are shown,
how to be and live and gracefully accept
all that we are!
You are my people and longest loves
to live apart or as one is how it sometimes goes
give all you have and then rest
for you are not alone!
you are held, love. We are together love.
All that you want is here.
All that you have can be shared or held inside your heart.
you cannot hold anything alone, for you are held.

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