Nature happens so fast

Drafted August 27, 2018

Nature happens so fast. Once you accept the invitation, the world’s tilt is more real, more known to you.

This morning I deposited my herb-compost at the local church garden compost. Afterwards walked/ran in turn up to a larger park and back home.

The yarrow seeds have been calling to me for some time, so I decided to take home some stalks.

Reaching towards the yarrow,  I first must navigate its neighbors. As a visitor, my wish is to walk softly.  Removing the burrrrrs of the burdock from my legs, it was no matter to me – this has been done before with as much success as right now. Invasive ivy vines were curled around some of the yarrow stalks, so I removed those when obvious.

once home I sat on the couch and realized – more burrs on my behind. With humor they were easily removed and now sit in a bur-pile on the cushion. The yarrow stalks waiting to be harvested into yarrow-vinegar, adorn a rather white wall. How pretty.

A pigeon came to my window and loudly squawked. and looked at me for some time. silent. then more squawk and off in flight.

I am happy with this.



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