2018 Solstice reflection

A Solstice reflection on Nut & Geb. In this ancient Egyptian story the Sky Goddess is “Nut” and the earth is Geb, an inversion to gender roles we typically assign as Father Sky and Mother Earth.

In this beautiful love story, Nut is the sky and daily gives birth to the sun. The green earth gazes at her in awe and she straddles and provides for him with the protection of the sky (of herself) and nourishment of sun to earth.

So in Winter-Solstice (today) it is the shortest day of the year. It is the longest hours for Nut so great magicking is possible.

Are you ready to give birth, or fertility on your mind? – Nut gave birth to the sky, the sun, the earth before the concept birthing even existed.

Do you want to experience time travel? – Nut created time with the sun, perhaps other forms of time can exist for you

What is the relationship between men and women today? – Traditional roles are not the only roles or options available, Nut & Geb have lasted a long time as Sky & Green Man

Are you stuck in a creative rut? – Gaze up and be inspired by the large night sky looking so lovingly down at you

#Nut #Geb #beauty

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Picture located at Cesras



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