Sitting in a circle of women, we asked ourselves, “Does anyone here know how to read the Tarot?”

Most women in this circle know how to interpret intuition, to catch a story and weave its threads into a song, how to smell and taunt and flirt between knowing and making reality. The Tarot is simply another thread-piece, to weave into what is already in formation. Passed from one woman to the next, each of these women know their knit and purl and linear focus coming from a long, long heritage of making stories. It is how we are born to make, a birth-right to create – an ancestral gift to belong, to be known.

One can sing, another speak/ tell stories, another play, make, construct, and on and on….yet. This is not the cloth from which I am all familiar.  This is something that I had never been taught and have never learned.

“Do you know what type of intuitive you are?”

“No, I do not.”

Sarah is by far the most independently minded in the circle, she takes me quickly as her student and friend. She sits across from me and says,

Let’s do this. How about you pick your own cards and read to me what each one says?”

Anxiety builds quickly, not because this type of sharing is dangerous, because she is dangerous. Is she making fun of my hesitance, or is she deliberate and helpful? Not knowing – I feel a building need to resist her presence.

The card is chosen, and slowly I turn it over. The picture is of a sitting bunny =looking very cute. I look up at Sarah and she is smiling outwardly and then I see her true face. She is the bunny with long teeth, and has not been gnawing/keeping trim by way of snacking so now the lower teeth are long  and and.curving back towards her face. Her true nature is known to me, she is hungry and has not feasted regularly.

“How sweet, you pulled Bunny! What might this mean?”

That my talents are fertile. I deflect.

“Easter! It is next week, oh I really enjoy the seasons and calendaring. It’s in my nature to be planner. All I can intuit is that this bunny knows that I’m ‘in-season’ and so the Tarot is indeed very kind to me!”

That was a scary evening for us both – a funhouse mirror, re-shaping forms into distortions.

Such is reality, when the only way to have clarity is by holding close intuition.




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