2019 – My New Year (Gregorian Calendar)

I was surprised, astonished as I entered the New Year which began not in November with the nod and knowing towards All Souls Day, Thanksgiving Day (US) and also my birthday (Nov-27). These are supposed to be auspicious and my selfish check-point to center and ground, to focus and gather my needs.

Yet, here I am – now moving into the first full week of the 2019 Gregorian Calendar New Year, feeling ready to start! to begin! to reset! with my known and unknown aspirations and dreams.

What will my break-fasts be this coming year?  Where have I been daily fasting and will now break to begin the daily greet the feast, to nourish the longings of my soul, quieted for so long while the mature, adult self took care of the basics? Let us welcome and greet daily practices, rituals to join all parts of myself.

Who will join me to dance in the imaginary garden? The picnic of pleasures and indulgence (yes, sipping tea from a petal) surrounded by buzzing bees and many trees and flowers in bloom….or will we be those who run across pastures, streaking as wild-hearted beasts who scream into the ether with exhilaration and praise? Or will we be those who nap in comfort near the grass, quietly admiring the shape of a leaf, watching ants crawl near the ground?

Where will I go that requires a passport, or driving skills, or piloting skills? Will you come here from there? or will I go from here to there? or will we be from two theres and meet here?

Will you join me? and teach me how you see the world? Can we hold hands – as friends or lovers or family – and gently remind one another, of the faint pulse in our hands even as our lids of heavy with living and wide with awe.




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