Norwegian Tree from November 20, 2016

Two weeks ago I learned that the Norwegian Maple leaves are still green at this time of year (late November) because the tree is waiting for information to turn colors and fall. In Norway this tree can be a source of food for animals and bugs. Here (in New York)….this tree has no holes on the leaves or sign of being nibbled on…..the local animals do not recognize the Norwegian Maple as food.

When you are walking at November-time and most trees are changing colors, and yet you see some that are still green….maybe they are not Evergreen. Maybe they are waiting for information from another climate. They haven’t yet acclimated.

If you are not yet acclimated, try finding a local tree (perhaps this Norwegian Maple) that has yet to claim this locale as home. I suggest the Norwegian Maple as they are beautiful and friendly.

You might enjoy being lonesome together, or plot some time together, learning and sharing how to make this place your home. The time it takes to adjust could be long for this tree as for you, or even longer. Maybe you will help tree, or tree will help you. At any rate of change, isn’t it better to know that you are not the only one, you are not the only misfit?


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