Leaves of

leaves of my mind

call to me from yonder

call to me from far away

call to me to leave from my nook


leaves of my mind

tell me to come

tell me to leave

tell me to leave the nook and go outside


leaves of that tree

outside my winder

right outside that glass pane

seeing now with my two good eyes

telling me between their pattern, the daylight language that today is almost over


Leaving my mind

my heart leads

to see the leaves

that whisper to me

and so I go outside


Leaving the wonder

my curiosity followed the leaves call

and so I was encircled by many tall trees

looked up and there they were

waving at me

the leaves


The leaves of the tree

live today and remembered to call me

so I could wave at them

before they fall for the season

before I forget that now is my season



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