Halloween Soup

There are bones in the pot
Simmering with life
Dancing bones leaking
Their minerals into the water
Soup is in the making

The pot it set on high
The timer is set at four
The counter directions are set
For Halloween night

Bone 1, shake
Bone 2, rattle
Bone 3, roll
Bone 4, and we all fall down

After each tap is a visitor
From another corner
Maternal mother mother mother x10*
Paternal mother mother mother x10*
Maternal father father father x10*
Paternal father father father x*10
A visit from each strand
Standing in front of Halloween Soup
(X*10 only the best are invited!)

They excite and laugh and dance and say, to bed, to bed! There’s much to share and best in dreams so now go!

Flossing teeth, brushing teeth
Minerals inherited
Washing face, stretching limbs
Pajama ready and rejuvenated

Head on bed
Wings gently folded, heart enclosed
Dreaming soon commences

Happy Halloween!


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