My soul swims in waters held by my body,  a container of labels Woman,  Human,  She. Corporate executive, mother, daughter,  sister, lover,  even Bitch,  Feminist, Liberal, Democrat. Peace maker.  Dancer.  Goddess 🌟


This swimming soul in swirling direction – held, for a single lifespan, of knowing and being within her own cosmos. Although small in stature when compared to the outer ultra- universes, is so vast. there are no obvious stones to anchor and obvious action to perform but to dive deep, deep into her true stillness. In that part of the ocean gravity has an effect only if you are alive,  so you go with intention and fast. Don’t waver or lose focus,  or you might float back up and can be called nearly dead. You must go inside.

Nearly polar fishes,  twinned within her, creating tides and an ocean of emotiona that disallow container-Woman from claiming ignorance. Her body is dictated by her holiness, drowned by the baptism of her inner fishes flipping. They flip with joy and persistence, since this ‘me’ lifetime held by container-Woman is so brief in the realm of all lifetimes, perhaps she’ll become 50 or 80, 100 or 120. To notice inner soul thrashing even sometimes is awareness. It doesn’t matter when. What’s the lifespan of container- Woman when compared to a tree? Or moss.

Water is contained by my body,  my soul is swimming hard in this Pisces Season.


When dreams surface. I’m curious if the messages are from my deep unconscious,  my inner knowing plus combined with the minerals of my bones,  and the bones of my most kind and giving ancestors. Who left in code all the messages that i would need,  so long as i take the pleasure of this journey,  and to Ask.

Here was a recent message,

“You won’t make progress by arguing the price of meat”


My sages are peasant peoples,  and I think this message is very clear.


My other dreams include people calling for me. I watch as an observer and when they ask for me to join,  then I do. And I realize that my participation is wanted,  and even more,  that my dear friends need to be heard. That when they call for a friend,  she will be there.  I will be there for you,  friend.




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