Mother Moon

My lips are burning, I swallowed  the moon. My lips are burning,  I swallowed the moon.

My lips are burning,  I swallowed three moons.

Moon has risen and I’m the flying cape, catching her as she rises,  my cape waving as we rise into the peak of the winter sky.

She lifts me high, my heart is so full, she lets me kiss her, my lips now burn,  she lets me swallow her whole and my belly so full.

So many,  many,  many moons, this is my third. I swallowed my moon,  she fills my soul, my third moon,  i see now times three. My third moon,  i hear now times three. My third moon, i know now times three. And now I know that she’s in love with me!

How could I know that we enmeshed human and moon, what would come to my flesh? Three most monstrous snake heads would emerge, my shield asks my spell how to prevent this from happening,  the expected gorgon blasting free from my false human shape.


And yet she never came.

My monster never emerged.

Sitting quietly next to Moon is only a trusting me, with evaporated fears. And she kindly illuminates a slowly dying body with kindness.

Mother moon, why do you disappear? Tonight you are full and near, and this brings me comfort that I needed from you for a long time. Why are you so transient,  why are you a sneaky lover instead of steadfast and permanent. I would be better if only you could nurture me,  as you do now,  more constantly and supporting me.  Please.

Moon wouldn’t say. So I ate her.

Expecting my true self to emerge. That fascinating and terrible Gorgon self, I actually want to meet her because on being terrible is a power,  isn’t it?

So my burning lips hum instead of hiss. I chew a cardamom seed and watch the restacking, reordering of objects on my mind. With fear evaporated there is more peace and time. An entire universe illuminated,  in flight,  swallowed and mesmerizing. And not yet even midnight.

My lips are burning,  I swallowed the moon. My lips are burning,  i swallowed my fear,  my losses are burning,  the gorgon was here but not my fear, not my fear,  never of her. I swallowed my mother and I’m even more lovely and illuminated.

Plus I know now my shield can talk to my spells. I never suspected.

Mommy, mommy Moon. The third Winter Moon.


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