Name the dragon Ursula

A Reaction in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic to “Why are Americans afraid of Dragons?” an essay by Ursula K. Le Guin

The society where I belong is holding fear of air, water, fire and earth. The Biblicists are salivating for the end of times, the Ecologists’ validation that their predictions are true, the Privileged seeking monetary ways to collect up before they fly to Mars on a private rocket and replicate a colony of earth. These are mostly men. Ursula K. Le Guin, You knew before Covid-19 that Americans reject science and yet embrace fantasy.

Across the globe there is a reading genre called Science Fiction. In the society where I belong we don’t believe Science Fiction is the present, we read it as though it is a prediction of the future.

Why can’t we read Science Fiction as the present? Is our nature so afraid to see ourselves, where we are currently? Is it easier to project into the future and see how we could live “there” and be “there” instead of right here? Why do men of different pathologies all lead us to a future of destruction?

I suppose we can’t read about ourselves in the here, the now. Because we haven’t learned to accept criticism of ourselves, yet. We are teenagers in the phase of rejecting everything else, because we haven’t yet claimed our own selves.

In the teenager phase it is easier to break down, deconstruct, rebel, resist, reclaim. I like works that begin with “re”. It feels regenerative and a cycling through life with a beginning and end and a bunch of stuff in between, re-re-re-re.

Yet I’m reaching maturation, and have cycled / re-cycled through adolescence. I haven’t given up on it forever and expect to visit / re-visit again. Yet in a world where I belong as an adult based on my years of life, I’m ready to build.

What are we able to build? Is this a 40-year project of Noah with his Ark? The literalists might think so. Perhaps it is a now-present project of identifying what can be built upon. Here are a few that pop like mushrooms and obvious to me:

Money is the 4th wave of feminism

Learn what non-violence actually means

PROTEST = PROTECT: even if the identify politics is not your own

Learn to sing


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