Beaver moon

Full moon while the rain falls, leaves are falling, excess is falling

shaking my aura no different from a furry creature. beaver fur is beautiful after its wet shake

so many sticking points, burdock stickies on my arms and back and legs, velcro nature is nature, to attach, not always sting, yet to belong – and life wants to find in me, its home

flattery. by this ask. stickies can go now and find or make their own home. Go back to where you originated, where you came from. You didn’t come from me. Move along now, go distant with the ghosts, brilliantly fading from my peripheral view. away, away, goodbye.

beavers, go home. busy fingers, making things, go home. go home to your purpose

Thank you for illuminating! You’ve done your job, now leave me so that I can do mine


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