Scar or dagger

The scar on the surface of my heart is blackened by coats of blood, nourished by the full beating of my heart, the blood current goes over and over what was once a small ravine and now grown into a mound, a mount, a mountain above the surface of my heart, once a current and tides of unrelenting, still building, creating your own inferno, mimicking the volcano’s lava and undercurrent, my heart still feeding you, building scar

And now you work against me, after the loyalty given to you from my body and my being, Scar now points itself against me, wielding its true destiny, to be my dagger, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing. The pulse that once fed Scar has now usurped the mother, and created its own as its pierces against my beating my, my beating physical body

Why pain, have you decided to mutiny against me? I have accepted your participation in life, and gave you sensible room to grow and at your time, put your place on my mantle of love, to evidence that we are partnered in life. and you betray me oh pain, manifested as my heart scar, to now point against me. once your mother and holder and careful tender keeper of your fire, you last long enough to dig deep into me, for what?

Scar, blackened by coats of blood has been building itself long enough to no longer require my opinion or to feast on my blood. And now I am its host again.


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