Medusa stands still – she is not in motion

Medusa stands still. This is unsettling if you are typically blinded by reality. Most people choose illusions over the life-giving (dynamic, complex) abundance offered by reality.

The story you will read (or are told) is that Medusa face terrifies. Even the most brave will be petrified. Often the most brave prefer fairy-tales. How else could one consistently choose danger over security, it is the story of illusion (while noble) a fiction to give one importance or purpose.

The riddle is this (I have seen Medusa, I’m giving you a cheat!), don’t look at what you are told to see. Look at what she brings you. And in her shield, is your gift.

Most people prefer projections, which is *the closest* they possibly achieve towards gaining reality. Others like Narcissus can at least see their own image, as a reflection, and this distorts them badly. It hurts too much to know how terrible you can become. The Narcissist sings this song and the lament continues forever on, from the dawn of time through the end of time. It is a clutching of yourself as your-twin and claustrophobic. and in its own form, very static and unchanging.

You don’t have to be brave, or have courage, or read books about vulnerable. You only have to see what she has to offer, and there you have your golden nugget.

The first time meeting Medusa. For me it was disappointing. My expectation was an overpowering presence, a tall woman, amazonian stature, wild snakes, crazy tongues like mini-and-multi Khalis.

Totally wrong.

Medusa is more like Mary, the statue you see in a church garden. With some tweaks.

Medusa has lots of snakes under her feet. they move her like a magic flying carpet or a tide of water. They are not suppressed by her feet, they are her mobility. While She, the Woman, stands absolutely stone – SHE is almost like a petrified stone, although movement is there, just verrrrrry subtle.

Medusa doesn’t want me to share too much. She actually shifts for each person, and when you meet her, she could be in a different form. My gift is seeing her form of endurance over shifts. regal.


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