prompted meditation Nov-18

music streaming into my mind, through my ears

I awake from sleep, the bird calls to me, directly into my ear

How does my little girl show up today? she brings her stubbornness and independence

What message am I sending her with my behavior? she is often ignored

what message does she need to heal? It’s ok.

in what way am I looking for validation? that I am normal

in what way am I looking for validation in my lovingness or worthiness/that I have to prove myself? being smart

what would my non-dominant sister tell me about this? It isn’t your job to solve problems for others. fix only what is most important to you

What action does she want me to take? to do very few things and do them very well

What would it feel like to take this action? spiritual freedom, movement, joy, dancing, laughter

The Universe will do it for us. Davening for a friend.

There are no bad people anywhere, there are no bad people and the pain is in this world, and eventually we all get out when we die.


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