The response

The response to fear is to blame

Anyone not in my group, you’re not only wrong, you’re creating evil

This is the thick social bearing in 2021

This is how people communicate during this time

Take to battle, your sword, your facts, your austerity and right before all to see

the world even scarier

on every corner, virtue priests in a virtual world, yelling at everyone in self-righteousness

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you look like, or even what you say, it matters only that you AGREE with ME

The world of ME

Creates boiling blood

there is no accountability

and yet, we quote and point to the corner of the room to the expert of choice, expert for a moment. Later beheaded and ridiculed.

and that’s it. that’s it folks.

This is how every major catastrophe happens

the story told later is that the victors are victorious

Those who starved with the idiots, the ones who made bad choices, the ignorants, the backwards who refused to move with the times, unable to progress

The Ballard in every zip code tells the story “Here! Here!”

and this is what happens.

Those who do not survive, completely disappear. nearly total erasure. Their story is retold to the future, “The time of idiots.”

When in reality, anyone with an opinion was simply – SHOT – !

We are animals on an adventure, journey to strengthen ourselves; some choose to win (in any manner possible) yet winning isn’t a bad place to be at all; so those who are dropped to the bottom of the ocean. They didn’t throw themselves out of the boat. the alive person claimed Victor after having bitten and eaten and snarled in circles to destroy any evidence of a culture before that would challenge the present.

Hungry like the wolf


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