Archetype & Social Justice

The tools to find your totem, spirit animal, goddess archetype have been valuable for people to self identify. A tool to locate “personal power”. For me this identification is romantic and whiles has some value in the practical world, also has limitations if you rely overly on its chimera and dangerous. Dangerous if the type was described wrongly by many for a long time. Examples of this are Medusa and Hestia. Two iconic female archetypes that are explained by the literature/mythologies in way that I do not see as complete.

The idea of social justice is not far removed. Finding a topic and chasing it without first getting an eye on the landscape. This might be what is happening in the world today. It’s deriving value from how others evaluate the situation, rather than putting forth your own investigation first.

Doing social justice, in my view, is a form of honoring human dignity. Some movements have performed this beautifully, while others are messy and even advocate extreme violence (including some of our female elders in Women’s Suffrage.)

So when writing Social Justice, I am considering how to place myself in approach and tone. Where on the spectrum to satisfy where to reveal the lie. Kindness and compassion can have its merit to truth in surprising ways. while in our culture, sarcasm and blunt/striking words can provoke a resonse that claims the reader (at a minimum) to respond with a reaction. Is the goal to shift through tragectory changes over time, or drop bombs and see the scatter of efforts? Are either leading to actual predicable patterns? Probably not. Yet I wonder.


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