voice to the void

When I write there is no audience in my mind, other than myself

There is a different voice than my own, this writer voice

My writing voice seems to come from disparate places within

an emotive response twinned with a cerbral mental charge

it is a blunt voice, although not always specific

so as i learn to write, there is an interesting question

what will the voice become, or will it standby watching other tones occur?

How does one learn to write? Does one ever write for her own satisfaction?

to date my experience has been a throttle and stop. spew/splat/get it on quick and stop.

what happens with constant progression

do i have to think of my audience? so far, my writing voice has been to the void

the voice to the void. and this is comfort. even with a critical eye and ability to “edit” and “look back” and see [through my reader eye] the quality or potential to improve in my writing, i have never tried to improve it. i have never tried to find readers or an audience. I am hesitant to share because of this fact. i have been writing to the void and i like this.


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