10-Min Sprint: Response to March 2020

I sat up and took notice. The streets were vacant and my mind whirling. Is the virus this alarming? Am I naive to believe that pandemic lock-down is harmful, possibly even more scary than the virus?

The news was filled with horror and yet, I did not calibrate with the tiny nook of the world which I reside. The reality of a new virus (“novel”) was never in doubt and yet, the response from leadership caused me my heart to stand still. And then slowly beat again, and then pound in rage. How Dare They.

How Dare They take down basketball nets from public spaces, parks and schools. How Dare They tell adolscent boys and girls that there is no outdoor sport. How Dare They – in a country with where heart health and obsity continue to grow – tell the inhabitants to stay inside. How dare they close libraries and keep open liquor stores.

What society closes libraries and keeps open liquor stores? Not a good one.

Watching the world be decided by people “making it up on the fly” -> I wanted to protect the aged. I wanted to be part of community decision making.

I was unable to grab the strength of my own conviction and act. My mind whirled and I watched in dispair, I shared my concerns with many people who then branded me as MAGA, although my concern had nothing to do with politics.

In a liberal society -> I watched the world “liberal” shift to mean Totaliarian. In a liberal society we invite all voices to the table, yet slowly opinions viewed as contrarian were edited and dispelled quickly. Word Salad and Gaslight has become the dominant course of things.

The seat for Elijah has certainly stayed opened. Except the seat is not for Elijah but the fictional prophet the board wishes to conjure.

I knocked at the door and asked a question, following was disinvited from the dinner.


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