Today’s Lunch (2018)

Today’s lunch

I sat next to a woman who looked like a hag. Her long hair is course and mostly gray, and white where once it must have been blond. She’s sat with her walking stick and wearing flowy clothes, giving the impression of being dressed by layered scarves. She certainly was not, or was she?

My chicken salad sandwich is unopened, wrapped in customized paper.

“Would you like to share a sandwich with me? It’s chicken salad, do you eat chicken?”

Oh, yes. That would be nice. Let’s share, if you are able. The hag is polite. She asks what i do for work, we comment on the nice sandwich.

“I used to work on Private Bank operations at Citibank”

I learn she no longer works there and is currently in charge of non profit funding, and it is very rewarding. She suggests that i seek a job in non profit financial accounting. She thinks I can do it and find personal rewards.

We part and I know. This beautiful hag, who i couldn’t help seeing / gazing into her faces, wasn’t really telling the truth. she has many faces. But I want to believe in our moment anyway.


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