How to Conjure a Healing Dream (for Women)

Adorn yourself in the most luxurious sleep-wear. For some of us, this is flannel or comfy-cozy wearable pajama set. For other silk top to bottom, and others a prairie night gown. For a healing dream you cannot be naked and sleep inside, although you can be sans-pajamas if you sleep outside.

Prepare your body for sleep, brush your teeth, wash your face, time permitting a soothing bath and calming drink.

Approach your bed and appreciate it as a lover longing to hold you. Let the covers embrace as you tenderly descend yourself into slumber.

You are not to think about the world. You are not to think about your family, your friends, your place of employment. You are not to think of your animals or the earth or even the sky.

You are to remember yourself.

Remember yourself at the age of 3, the age of 9, the age of 36 and all the way to the age of 105 years. You are soulfully passing through yourself using calendar-time to acknowledge your presence, your sweetness, your silence, your truest self,…see yourself not as the world sees you, not as fulfilling any role. Do not see yourself as born to live your fate, or to even fulfill your destiny. See yourself with no expectation and no judgement. With this you will see yourself in the most loving way. And this is your most knowing way, and the best way to see where healing can be helpful.

Remember Dear Nightingale, Healing Woman of the Night!  – Not all wounds are open. Your healing night-kiss is not to remove the scars of experience. It is to see what is torn now, and in a jagged way will continue ripping for a long time.

Do not be the modern scientist. Do not make a precise cut to create healing that is unnecessary. Do not take an existing tear and assume healing dreams need to make it better, take this healing time to explore first. A tear, a wound is a special portal between your real self and your outside self. This is the port to self-heal.

Your wisest self is not your oldest self. It is your timeless self.

When you have found your need, whisper into your ear a simple command. Such as, hold your heart, or cross your ankles. Suggest a movement and your hearing body will form and adjust to the position. You may found yourself doing this while asleep (and wake up this way) or performing slowly over many days.

The following day, you won’t remember the details of the previous night, of your visit (to yourself) as healing lover-mother-other. Yet something special will happen the next day.  You will remember. Some women wake up in orgasm. Others will wake up with a reminder, both will seek healing further.

This is how you conjure a healing dream.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 1.15.42 AM.png


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